June 2021 Top Talk

In an age of monarchs with absolute power, the founders of our nation shocked the status quo by establishing a democratic republic of the people, by the people and for the people. This new concept offered its citizens extensive new rights. In order to function, it also required of… Read More

May 2021 Top Talk

We’ve had some absolutely gorgeous cycling weather in April, with warmer temperatures and sunny skies. It’s wonderful to witness our emergence from the cold, dark, wet days of winter. Yet, I have lived here long enough to know that there will be more dank, dreary days before our summer… Read More

April 2021 Top Talk

Club Riding During Covid: What are the risks? The League of American Bicyclists held their annual Bike Summit online from February 28 through March 3 of this year. During the opening session, keynote speakers addressed multiple topics related to the activities of bicycle clubs across the nation. Of particular… Read More

March 2021 Top Talk

Masks 101 for Cyclists. Wearing masks and maintaining interpersonal separation are the two essential elements of reducing the spread of SARS-CoV-2, or “COVID-19.” I’ve observed both proper and improper use of masks, including dangling them from one ear. One of our sister bike clubs has required the wearing of… Read More

February 2021 Top Talk

Resuming Club Rides. I first want to thank all the members who attended January’s Zoom club meeting. Many of you tried to sign in early and apparently were redirected to sign into the board meeting, leaving the club split between the two meetings at 7 PM. I apologize for… Read More

January 2021 Top Talk

To ride or not to ride, that is the question. During the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, when most people viewed the disease as highly fatal, the PBC made the difficult decision to cancel all organized club rides. The decision was difficult because rides are primarily what the club… Read More

December 2020 Top Talk

Two years ago, Chip handed over the gavel to me – and now I am about to do the same for a soon-to-be-elected new president. As a member at large for two years I had observed that Chip worked very hard in this position, so I expected no less;… Read More

November 2020 Top Talk

We are heading into a season that often pulls rain-averse riders indoors and onto their stationary bikes. I’ve never been one of those riders. I like cool fresh outdoor air, rides with a destination, and club rides that trend smaller once they get wetter. On cold/rainy social rides you… Read More