August 2023 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

August 2023 Top Talk

Have you ever been riding up our local bike pathways and wondered why they are so full of glass, overgrown brush, and other obstacles? I was having those thoughts when I came across an ODOT worker on the I-205 bike path. I stopped and chatted with him, talking about the glass, etc. He said, “Let me see what I can do.” Ten days later, the path had been blown clean. Fast forward another month, and the bike path was bad again. I saw another worker. He said, “You want to go to AskODOT on the web.” 

I went home and found the website. I asked for the brush on Hwy 43 in West Linn to be removed off the bike path and let them know of the cracks in the path as it was falling down the hillside. Within a week, I had a response. Within two weeks, the trees and weeds had been removed from the bike path and the cracks filled. They even blew the bike lane clean.

So, if you see an area that needs attention, please go to AskODOT and they will respond within one working week. It may not be the answer you want, but at least your voice is heard. Please mention you are a part of the Portland Bicycling Club. It seems to help.

A huge shoutout to the volunteers for the Seattle to Portland bike ride. STP is one of our biggest fundraisers and was a success this year! Portland Bicycling Club provided support at the finish line and did a fantastic job. The heat wave was tough, but many stops and fluids along the way helped. It is always fun to see the crowd cheering as the bicyclists cross the finish line! I know I was happy for sure!

I want to remind members about club rules. We are a bike club, and safety is paramount. Now that the weather is nice and more folks are on the bike paths, please remember our safety rules when riding on club rides.

  1. Always let riders know you are passing them; saying “passing on your left” is helpful.
  2. Do not pass on the right.
  3. Do not overlap wheels; do not put your front tire near the rear of the bicycle in front.
  4. Call out hazards.
  5. Use hand signals to slow, stop, or turn.
  6. Do not run red lights.
  7. Ride single file when in car traffic.

Your ride leader may have more to keep everyone safe.

Enjoy the summer, and looking forward to seeing all of you on the trails!

Mark Barnes, President

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