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September 2019 Top Talk

Change is in the air. We are heading into the last days of summer, and changing temperatures suggest fall is coming, but there are still good days ahead to ride unencumbered by rain jackets so be sure to head out to enjoy them. Some of the best riding of the… Read More

August 2019 Top Talk

Consider this month’s Top Talk a collage of ideas! On behalf of the club, I would like to thank the many volunteers that gave time to club events over the past five weeks. Let me count the ways! First to thank are the many volunteers for our big event, the… Read More

July 2019 Top Talk

There have been inquiries about several issues facing our Club. I’d like to use this month’s Top Talk to address one of these. The Pioneer Century was placed on hiatus for 2019 as we address its weaknesses. It requires a substantial investment in volunteer hours and a significant outlay… Read More

June 2019 Top Talk

Belgian and Dutch Bike Riding This past month my husband and I had the good fortune to do some bicycle riding in the bicycle-friendly countries of Belgium and the Netherlands. While everyone in Portland was celebrating great weather, our temps were mostly in the 40°s to low 50°s and… Read More

May 2019 Top Talk

May is National Bike Month.  What are you planning? Although some of our members are already maxing out their riding days, for many members the warmer, less rainy days of May motivate them to clean up their bike, pump up the tires, check the batteries in their lights, and… Read More

Announcement of Name Change

As a result of the vote at the April club meeting, the club’s name has changed to the Portland Bicycling Club. To pass an amendment, our constitution mandates that at least 66.7 per cent of members present at a regular meeting vote in favor of the proposed motion. This… Read More

April 2019 Top Talk

Pat McManus, President Why be a member of our club? We welcome nonmembers to ride with us, but let me draw attention to the benefits of being a bona fide, paid-up member, and how dues work for you. First and central, we have a modern, beautiful website! You… Read More

March 2019 Top Talk

Pat McManus, President Who are we? We are a club of approximately 600 members. We share in common that we love to ride our bikes, but otherwise, can we generalize as to who we are?  I think not. Some of us are happy to ride 15-25 miles once or… Read More