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January 2019 Top Talk

Pat McManus, President Welcome to 2019!  My first action as your new president is to thank Chip Kyle for doing this job in such an able, patient and amiable manner for 3 years! Please greet him out there with a huge smile and a big thank you for… Read More

PWTC Gives to SnowCap

A heartfelt thank you to all our members who generously donated food, clothing, egg-cartons, and can openers when we gathered at our December Club Meeting. The crew at SnowCap’s drop-off station was so appreciative of the 46 lbs of food, 58 lbs of clothing and, astounded at the 15… Read More

Future of the Pioneer Century

The board has reviewed the performance of the Pioneer Century over the past several years and we are concerned about its success and the contribution that our invitational ride makes to the club.  We have observed the following: For the last five years we have watched the number of participants… Read More

December 2018 Top Talk

President Chip Kyle We are coming quickly to the end of 2018, and my three years serving as your club president. First and foremost, I want to thank you for trusting me to lead the club for this extended period of time. The last three years have been… Read More

November 2018 Top Talk

President Chip Kyle No organization remains static – it is either growing or declining. As a board, we are heavily invested in the club’s future and want to see it grow and thrive. Our vision of the club is one of diversity and inclusive of women and men. Read More

October 2018 Top Talk

Ashley Reynolds, Vice President First of all, I’d like to thank those who volunteered for the recent Harvest Century, representing our club. The Harvest attracts many first time sponsored-event riders. Your enthusiasm and encouragement give these individuals a positive experience, promoting cycling, which is what our club is… Read More

September 2018 Top Talk

President Chip Kyle Summer is the most active time for our club. For the last several months, we have posted more than 70 rides each month with 90+ in the month of July. These are impressive numbers, both from the quantity of opportunities to ride and the number… Read More

August 2018 Top Talk

President Chip Kyle You have heard me say this before: one of the characteristics of this club that makes me proud is how willing you, the club members, are to volunteer and to serve in whatever capacity is needed. Once again, you stepped up to help staff the… Read More