Club and Board Meetings

The club meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. January’s club meeting will resume at All Saints Episcopal Church for those who want to meet in person. There will also be a ZOOM option. Board meetings are held by ZOOM on the third Thursday at 6:00 p.m. Please find the ZOOM link and agenda on the ride calendar for each meeting.

Meet your EXECUTIVE BOARD members.

Meeting Minutes

Click the links below to read minutes from previous Club and Board meetings.

June 2022 Board Zoom Meeting

June 2022 Club in Person Meeting

May 2022 Board Zoom Meeting

May 2022 Club Meeting

April 2022 Board Zoom Meeting

April 2022 Club in Person Meeting

March 2022 Board Zoom Meeting

February 2022 Board Zoom Meeting

March 2022 Club in Person and Zoom Meeting

January 2022 Club in Person and Zoom Meeting

January 2022 Board Zoom Meeting

December 2021 Board Zoom Meeting

December 2021 Club Zoom Meeting

November 2021 Board Zoom Meeting

November 2021 Club Zoom Meeting

October 2021 Board Zoom Meeting

October 2021 Club Zoom Meeting

September 2021 Board Zoom Meeting

September 2021 Club Zoom Meeting

August 2021 Board Zoom Meeting 

July 2021 Club Zoom Meeting

July 2021 Board Zoom Meeting

June 2021 Club Zoom Meeting

June 2021 Board Zoom Meeting

May 2021 Club Zoom Meeting

May 2021 Board Zoom Meeting

April 2021 Club Zoom Meeting

April 2021 Board Zoom Meeting

March 2021 Board Zoom Meeting

March 2021 Club Zoom Meeting

February 2021 Club Zoom Meeting

February 2021 Board Zoom Meeting

January 27, 2021 Special Board Zoom Meeting

January 2021 Club Zoom Meeting Revised

January 2021 Board Zoom Meeting

December 2020 Club Zoom Meeting

December 2020 Board Zoom Meeting

November 2020 Club Zoom Meeting

November 2020 Board Zoom Meeting

October 2020 Club Zoom Meeting

September 2020 Club Zoom Meeting

June 2020 Board Zoom Meeting

March 2020 Club Meeting

March 2020 Board Meeting

February 2020 Club Meeting

February 2020 Board Meeting

January 2020 Board Meeting

December 2019 Club Meeting

December 2019 Board Meeting

November 2019 Club Meeting

November 2019 Board Meeting

October 2019 Club Meeting

October 2019 Board Meeting

September 2019 Club Meeting

September 2019 Board Meeting

July 2019 Board Meeting

June 2019 Board Meeting – Amended

June 2019 Club Meeting

May 2019 Board Meeting

May 2019 Club Meeting

April 2019 Board Meeting

April 2019 Club Meeting

March 2019 Board Meeting

March 2019 Club Meeting

February 2019 Board Meeting

February 2019 Club Meeting

January 2019 Board Meeting

December 2018 Board Meeting

December 2018 Club Meeting

November 2018 Board Meeting

November 2018 Club Meeting

October 2018 Board Meeting and Donation Guidelines

October 2018 Club Meeting

September 2018 Board Meeting

September 2018 Club Meeting

September 2018 Special Board Meeting

August 2018 Board Meeting

July 2018 Board Meeting

July 2018 Club Meeting

June 2018 Board Meeting

June 2018 Club Meeting

May 2018 Board Meeting

May 2018 Club Meeting

April 2018 Board Meeting

April 2018 Club Meeting

March 2018 Board Meeting

March 2018 Club Meeting

February 2018 Board Meeting

February 2018 Club Meeting

January 2018 Board Meeting

December 2017 Board Meeting

December 2017 Club Meeting

November 2017 Board Meeting 

November 2017 Club Meeting

October 2017 Board Meeting

October 2017 Club Meeting

September 2017 Board Meeting

September 2017 Club Meeting

August 2017 Board Meeting

July 2017 Board Meeting

July 2017 Club Meeting

June 2017 Board Meeting

June 2017 Club Meeting

May 2017 Board Meeting

May 2017 Club Meeting

April 2017 Board Meeting 

April 2017 Club Meeting

March 2017 Board Meeting

March 2017 Club Meeting

February 2017 Board Meeting

February 2017 Club Meeting

January 2017 Board Meeting

December 2016 Board Meeting

December 2016 Club Meeting

November 2016 Board Meeting

November 2016 Club Meeting

October 2016 Board Meeting

October 2016 Club Meeting

September 2016 Board Meeting

September 2016 Club Meeting

August 2016 Board Meeting