June 2023 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

June 2023 Top Talk

I was recently able to spend three weeks exploring Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. It was a fascinating trip visiting historical places such as the holy sites in Jerusalem, Petra in Jordan, the pyramids in Egypt, and the temples along the Nile, just to name a few. Along the way, we also had honest and interesting conversations with our guides and people we met. Travel certainly does open your eyes and mind to the world, and keeps you humble and appreciative. 

Although this recent vacation was not a bike trip, we did have some fun experiences with transportation including camel rides and desert sand surfing. There was lots of walking which used different muscles and made me sore in different ways. The only biking that was done was pedaling a stationary bike to mix my smoothie in the blender at the beachside resort!

After returning, I jumped into the Reach the Beach preparation rides. After not riding for a bit, it took a minute to get my bike legs back! The Reach the Beach ride was a new route this year. It was a beautiful weekend to enjoy the ride and the beach celebration. Hopefully, we can continue to spread the Portland Bicycling Club love to potential new members with upcoming rides.

Mark Barnes, President

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