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Take Life by the Handlebars!

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Come try out one of our rides. Membership is not required to try us out! We just ask that you follow the pandemic-based protocols: www.portlandbicyclingclub.com/protocols

Portland Bicycling Club Gives to the Community

In addition to being Portland’s premiere bicycle club, Portland Bicycling Club promotes cycling in youth and in the community by giving to several non-profits and donating time to such organizations as the Community Cycling Center, the Friends of the Historic Columbia River Highway, Bikes for Humanity, and the Street Trust.


January 2022 Top Talk

We’ve had a good year of cycling, so let the festivities begin!!!  The club’s Annual Awards Banquet is scheduled for Thursday, February 3, 2022! Socializing begins at 5:00 p.m., and dinner starts at 6:00 p.m., with awards to follow. Enjoy a casual evening of fun with your cycling buddies: … Read More

December 2021 Top Talk

At the end of a calendar year, it is customary to reflect on where we have come as a club during the past twelve months. In December 2020, we had not been active for nine months. There was no ride calendar, no income from the STP, no club picnic,… Read More

November 2021 Top Talk

We need to hear from you! 2021 has been a fully operational year for the Portland Bicycling Club, and as is our custom, we are planning an awards ceremony to recognize notable members of our club in January 2022. What is up for discussion is whether we hold… Read More

October 2021 Top Talk

It’s hard to believe, but 2021 is starting to wind down already! There’s a heavy downpour outside my window as I write this column, which seems strange after our unusually dry summer. Morning frosts will be next but, with luck, we should have a few sunny fall days for… Read More

September 2021 Top Talk

Covid-19 is once again in the news. How should the latest developments affect your cycling activities? Corona viruses are known to mutate, and the mutations that favor the virus’s survival and reproduction are usually the ones that persist. This is basic natural selection: the short gestation of rodents is… Read More

August 2021 Top Talk

We’re into the dog days of summer a bit early this year. While there have been plenty of rainless days for cycling, the higher daytime temperatures introduce the related risks of dehydration and heat exhaustion. Our bodies require fluids for their primary cooling mechanism of perspiration. If we are… Read More

July 2021 Top Talk

For years, the club treasurer’s report began with, “The club is solvent, and the bills have been paid.” The great news is we are so much more than solvent! The Portland Bicycling Club has made a remarkable recovery from last year’s CoViD lockdown. We once again are offering rides… Read More

June 2021 Top Talk

In an age of monarchs with absolute power, the founders of our nation shocked the status quo by establishing a democratic republic of the people, by the people and for the people. This new concept offered its citizens extensive new rights. In order to function, it also required of… Read More

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