February 2024 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

February 2024 Top Talk

Portland Bicycling CLUB. I often dwell on the word CLUB because I think it’s important.

CLUB: an association or organization dedicated to a particular interest or activity

Our interest or activity is bicycling. That’s what we are all about. That’s why we exist. Our club, thanks to its zealous members, has a bike ride almost every day of the year. And they are open to all comers. 

Being honest here, most of us are out on rides for maybe not totally selfish purposes, but let’s say personal objectives. Our mental and/or physical health may be a driver. When we get sidelined by injury or inclement weather, we suffer various withdrawal symptoms because we are jonesing for a ride.

Sometimes I feel a little guilty that my volunteer efforts with the bike club aren’t going toward something more virtuous or impressive. You know, when friends are talking about their work at the food bank or finding a cure for cancer, and I lead bike rides!

But we can stand tall as PBC members:

  1. Heart disease, stroke and dementia are less likely to occur in people who exercise regularly.
  2. Physical activity enhances our mood and self-esteem while decreasing stress tendencies.
  3. Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, and attention deficit hyperactive disorder.
  4. And people who have one or more close friendships tend to be happier.

In light of these facts, we are redeemed. We help ourselves, we help others, and we help our community as a whole by means of a bicycling club. As a club, we socialize, and often friendships are formed (and coffee addictions…but let’s focus on the positive).

So, let’s embrace our club. Appreciate it for what it is. Use it for the benefits we derive. Let’s try to get the word out about the benefits of cycling. There’s plenty of bike riding to go around, and that just happens to be what we excel at: bicycle rides.

Ann Morrow, President

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