April 2024 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

April 2024 Top Talk

I have been a PBC (FKA Portland Wheelmen Touring Club) member since 1992. I have met a lot of people over the years, had a lot of fun, and shared a lot of hard work with fellow club members. I think we could agree that our members enhance PBC with their contributions. It’s a genuinely nice and motivated group.

One example is our PIONEER CENTURY® (PC) committee, which is hard at work laying the preliminary foundations for our June 8 event. Some of that involves spending money – money that our club has because of the hard work you all put in last year! Will we get the money back? That’s the plan, right? But it’s a classic example of needing money to make more money. And your PC volunteers respect the fact that the money doesn’t come easily. While money must be spent, they consider options and recognize the source of the funds. Sometimes, when it’s somebody else’s money, it’s more easily spent, but not in this case.  ✎  So, THANK YOU, Richard Higgins, Doug Myers, Rob Schroeder, Scott Diamond, Joel Loh, Lynn Blanchard, Corey Eng, Benn Schonman, and Ron Ing. They are all collaborating, relying on their past experiences, listening to each other and members to improve the event. We are fortunate to have this team working on our behalf.

Another example of the great individuals in our club is our STP team. They are starting to organize the Finish Line for the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic on July 13 and 14. This event involves many pieces, various government rules and regulations to adhere to, and safety for thousands of cyclists. THANK YOU, Eric Hendricks, Corey Eng, and Lynn Blanchard for organizing the preliminary tasks, getting permits, rounding up volunteers, filling key positions, and working with Cascade Bicycle Club to assure success.

I have named a few names here, and this is only a beginning. So many members will step in over the next few months to share their skills and abilities for our club and for the sake of thousands of cyclists.

It is so refreshing and reassuring to have such wonderful people in our club!

Ann Morrow, President

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