July 2024 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

July 2024 Top Talk

PIONEER CENTURY®. Our club’s iconic, beloved event ride. Relief, exhaustion, elation – what are YOU feeling now that it’s in the rearview mirror? I was so impressed with the efforts made and the end results on display on June 8. A great representation of our club and a well-executed example of how to put on a successful bicycling event.

We had a wonderful committee of members who worked together to continue building upon the historic Pioneer and utilize the routes that riders have come to know and love. I had the privilege of staying at the start/finish location and got to hear the praise of our routes as happy riders rolled in. Regardless of where they had ridden, they were happy and expressed their thanks. It’s gratifying to belong to a club that was able to develop and execute such a huge event and do it so well. As a cyclist, it’s exciting to share in the joy of riders and see their sense of accomplishment.

I know we had a few riders unable to complete their ride. Mechanical problems and some “engine” problems but nothing disastrous. We don’t like crashes! Our SAG (support and gear) drivers stayed in motion and drove the routes, and picked up those who needed help and brought them in.

This year, our coordinator had arranged for a barbecue at the finish. Something to inspire riders to stick around and visit. PBC bought the food, and students from Canby High School did the cooking. The food was free to riders and the students were allowed to keep all the “tips” for their school club (and PBC paid them a bit to ensure some income). Comments were positive as well, and it will be improved upon for 2025.

I’ll let our coordinator call out his team of helpers but, as president, this was a tremendous success, and I thank you all. So many of you worked on and/or rode the ride. I value your support for our club. This is how we have stayed in existence for 53 years. Good people such as yourselves stepping up to help in whatever way you can. Several did a great deal for months leading up to the event, and others jumped in to fill a need for a few hours. That’s how these things work – we all “gave” what we could, and it all came together. You volunteered for your club when the need was there, and your altruistic giving was inspirational.

Thank you.

Ann Morrow, President

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