May 2024 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

May 2024 Top Talk

Benefits of club membership are many. I recently experienced a significant benefit when my husband Jim and I finally got to travel to Tucson to join other club members, a number of whom have been traveling down there for years.

Long ago, these springtime rides were club rides and listed on our ride calendar (then the Rider’s Digest, which was an insert to the paper newsletter). How depressing it was, sitting in the cold, wet, dark Northwest, to see the Tucson rides listed. The Tucson rides are no longer official club rides, but there is a contingent of members that migrates annually, or periodically, down to the warmer, dryer climate in Arizona. 

Some of the multiple benefits enjoyed by the Morrows as members:

  • Encouragement from cycling friends to join in the fun
  • Advice on travel to Tucson (where to stop, where to eat, what to see)
  • Personal bike tour information and ride guidance
  • Ideas for tourist activities
  • Carpooling to ride starts
  • Parties and celebrations
  • Local travel advice
  • Friendship and laughter and shared experiences
  • House sharing to reduce costs but increase fun

The weather, as reported by the regulars, was cooler than usual, but there was still lots of sun, and it certainly was not cold. I would have enjoyed a bit more heat, but we had a wonderful time in Tucson and hope to go back.

Our club has a variety of individuals joined together by our passion for bicycling. Belonging to the club exposes us to different life experiences with the support of fellow members who often become friends on some level – some close, some more casual. What a benefit for each of us and an overall boost to our quality of life!

Ann Morrow, President

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