March 2024 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

March 2024 Top Talk

A little warmer, a little drier, a little more sunshine…winter is waning and spring is on the horizon. Of course, in the Pacific Northwest it can be challenging to distinguish spring from winter some days.

We cyclists tend to start plotting our summer riding season early. There are so few warm summer days and so much riding to be done!

Your board has determined which non-club event rides will earn club mileage. See the details under Your Club at Work. Some of those non-club rides sound like so much fun! And we want to support local organizations and especially other bicycle clubs. 

Our own club has its PIONEER CENTURY® on June 8. We would love to see every club member participate, either by riding in that event or volunteering to support it.

Additionally, PBC will coordinate the Finish Line at Holladay Park in Portland for the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic on July 13 and 14. Again, please accept the challenge, and either ride or volunteer.

Our little club would be very different if we did not have these two sources of income. Our focus is bicycling, so that wouldn’t change. But things like awards banquets, charitable contributions, and subsidized picnics would have to be cut from our budget. That is why we volunteer.

I want to assure you that, as a bicycling club, we support and encourage those of you who want to ride the PIONEER and/or STP. Go for it. Let us help you train. We want you to have a successful ride. We will be hounding everyone about volunteering – asking them to help us out and step up! But if you are going to be riding PIONEER or STP, just tune us out. We don’t mean you. Ride your rides. Enjoy yourself. Don’t feel guilty about your decision.

But if you are not riding PIONEER or STP, we really do need your help, so PLEASE VOLUNTEER!

Regardless, SAVE THOSE DATES! No family weddings, graduations, births – NO! NO! NO! You are busy on those days! 😉 And set aside Sunday, August 4, for our club picnic as well.

Looking forward to a fun summer of riding with you, my riding peeps.

Thank you.

Ann Morrow, President

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