Your Club at Work

Banquet/Annual Awards

Your PBC board is considering some form of celebration of the 2021 cycling year. As with the Pioneer Century (see below), austerity is the key. Past annual celebrations have evolved into elaborate evenings of merriment – food, drink, awards, gifts – all to honor one another and our club. Currently, and as Doug Myers notes, we have had little income for two years due to restrictions caused by Covid-19. 

This year, 2021, many of us were able to resume riding, and the PBC calendar filled up again with offerings. Some see the subsequent step to be awards and memorabilia to recognize various accomplishments such as the 500-mile pin, 2,000-mile mug and various other acknowledgments coveted by some.

See Doug’s Top Talk for his account on this topic. The board is discussing how this special event can take place and how costs can be minimized.

Tough decisions. Thank you for your understanding.

Pioneer Century

Doug continues to move us forward to a resurrection, relaunch, reinvention of the club’s signature event ride, the Pioneer Century.

When can this take place without overlapping another organization’s annual ride? Our “first Saturday of June” slot, which was sacrosanct for years for Pioneer Century and Spring Century, is not available at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby. 

Doug has some basic ideas to trim costs as well as the need for volunteers. These suggestions include limiting the event to two routes, a 65-mile and 32-mile or thereabouts which would eliminate multiple rest stops and the need for numerous volunteers. The routes being considered do not venture into Marion County which charges permitting fees. More outside donations will be sought to reduce food costs.

Again, further work needs to be done and tough decisions need to be made. Ideas, suggestions and your time on the club’s behalf are welcome and appreciated.


Still no in-person meetings. Currently, we are hoping to resume onsite meetings instead of online in January of 2022. The church leadership at All Saints Episcopal Church at 4033 SE Woodstock Blvd. in Portland has agreed that we may resume meeting in their building. While the board recognizes that members are anxious to see one another in person and move towards some version of normalcy, compromise seems in order as some PBCers remain   ✎  concerned and vigilant regarding spreading Covid and its variants.


The November 4 club member meeting will feature nominations for open board positions, and the December 2 meeting will feature the election of the 2022 board. The board consists of 11 positions, three of which are filled mid-year so not in contention at this time.

Current board members can volunteer to serve another year, but even so those positions are “open” in that any member may run for office against an incumbent. Let someone know if you’re interested in running or nominating a fellow member. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the meeting on November 4. 

For details about what each position entails as far as job duties, go to our website under the “About” tab and select “Executive Board” from the pulldown menu, or click here Executive Board; and by all means reach out to any current board member for more information.

Board meetings are monthly and currently via Zoom. In case remote meetings are an incentive for you to serve, note that board meetings are expected to continue remotely.

Please consider serving your club in this capacity and encourage others to do so as well.

Ann Morrow, Vice President