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Awards Banquet

On February 3rd at our (revived) annual awards banquet, 64 Portland Bicycling Club members and significant others shared an evening together at the Monarch Hotel. This in-person celebration replaced last year’s awards presentation held via a Zoom club meeting. The featured Master of Ceremony was a scientist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. His protective suit, goggles and mask hid his identity well.

Gifts were exchanged between those who brought them and there were some nice ones to be had. Designer oversized coffee mugs sporting the 50th anniversary logo were available to those who rode 2000 or more club miles in 2021. Everyone who rode 500 or more miles earned a 50th anniversary logo lapel pin. Ride leaders earned a nice cycling specific pair of socks, and those who led 12 or more rides received a $25 Starbucks gift card. Delicious meals of beef, chicken, salmon or vegetarian options were promptly served, and patrons had their liquid refreshment poured from the new, built-in bar located in the banquet room. 

With an almost full riding calendar in 2021, more nominations were received and here are your award winners with their written nominations as received by fellow club members.

1. Jim Mooney Member of the Year: Doug Myers

Our current president has worked diligently to bring PBC back to health. On the one hand, he kept us informed on Covid-19 protocol and kept hysteria at a minimum. We opened up our club and rides based upon his information from medical journals rather than public opinion.

Seemingly, his guidance was sound as I know of no club-related instances of anyone contracting the virus. His timely Top Talk each month kept us current on the ever-changing Covid environment, its impact on the cycling community, and how to continue to be safe around it.

He worked feverishly to get a Pioneer Century™ back on the calendar. Doug carefully reviewed the financial records of previous events and determined how and where cuts could be made. He persevered through conflicts and obstacles to get a date and a couple of routes, and we have an event on the horizon.

He ardently consulted with club members to meet their desires for offering both a picnic and the banquet.

2. Valued Member of the Year: Corey Eng

Corey is always a rock of stability for the club. He’s the go-to-guy as we discuss important issues, and we turn and look to him for a thoughtful, equitable opinion. He remains a favorite ride leader and seems to have a peloton of groupies following his every pedal stroke. As treasurer he is quick to provide data and additional research such as for our recent investment strategy. Corey also managed our 50th anniversary jersey creation and sales. If not for him, it would not have happened.

3. Volunteer of the Year: Khaliyah Williams-Rodriguez

Khaliyah pulled together our club picnic this summer out of thin air. She knew nothing when she started – none of the picnic traditions. She didn’t know what supplies we had in storage and didn’t know who did what. But she and her husband put on a great, old-time picnic with Covid protocols included. It was a nice, in-person, get-together that the club really needed.

4. Volunteer of the Year: Dave McQuery

Dave continued to increase his presence and participation throughout 2021. Without the traditional club event rides to volunteer for, he drastically increased his ride leader activity from one in 2017, zero in 2018, one in 2019, zero in 2020 to 24 rides in 2021. Although not a board member, he submitted several safety articles for the Quick Releases simply to fill a need. He assisted Lynn Blanchard with her “Short & Sweet Series” for newer riders as the sweep. He advocated on the club’s behalf by reaching out to the powers that be to get dangerous road situations resolved. Most impressive to me was his work with a cyclist who was not ready to ride with our club, even as a rookie. Dave worked independently with her to build her skills, stamina and confidence – off the clock but representing PBC as a volunteer all the same.

5. Newt Acker Goodwill Ambassador: Lynn Blanchard

Lynn was our number one ride leader* in 2021, so it’s great that hers is a friendly image, because she is in many ways the embodiment of the purpose of PBC. Lynn took the idea of “Rookie Rides” and made her own version which she dubbed the “Short and Sweet Series.” She worked hard to meet new riders where they were by offering rides at various times, focusing on the safe and secure Springwater Corridor Trail, which is really what many new riders prefer. Additionally, as editor of the Quick Releases, she enhances and fortifies the positive image of the club within the community through her creativity and attention to detail, and she was even the one who designed our 50th anniversary logo.

**** Lynn Blanchard led 76 rides. Jeremy Wilson was number two with 68 rides.

6. Ride Leader of the Year: Lynn Blanchard

2021 was the first year Lynn stepped up to be a ride leader, leading many rides, mostly on the east side. She observed all the recommended ride leader guidelines. At the beginning of each ride, she clearly shared the “rules of the road,” described the planned route, introduced new riders, and solicited questions or suggestions. As leader, she called out hazards, reminded riders of safety when needed, and presented new and varied routes. Many of her rides had themes, such as her “Taco Tuesday” rides which stopped midway for lunch at Cartlandia. She led at least two rides every week for many months this year, faithfully giving the safety speech, and was always smiling and welcoming to riders old and new.

7. Comeback Rider of the Year:

Members who suffered injury while cycling yet came back with style and determination to resume cycling in 2021.

  • Bob Cook
  • Kerstin Maroney
  • Monica Miller
  • Pete Pollard

8. Old Fart Award: Chuck Dorr (presented by past honoree Doug Myers)

9. Golden Clipboard awarded to Joel Loh (presented by Cindy Bernert-Coppola)

Joel was recognized for new, interesting PBC routes on his “Monday Mixer” series.

10. Donation to Adventure Cycling: Certificate presented to Bud Rice (presented by Pat McManus, certificate received too late for 2020 award presentation)

Sponsorship of a mile on the Pacific Coast Trail: “We dedicate this to Bud Rice, ride leader extraordinaire, and the reason we ride this mile! Bud, this one’s for you!”  Read more

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Corey Eng, Awards Committee Member