Braking News: Member at Large Vacancy

Due to the resignation of Stacy Barbadillo, the executive board has a vacancy in one of the July 1 to June 30 member-at-large positions. Our constitution describes the duties of this position as a “conduit between the Board and Club members”. By default, members at large also comprise the Safety Committee.

Mark Lander has been nominated for this position and, as prescribed by our constitution and bylaws, has been appointed by President Pat McManus as the temporary replacement until the September 5 club meeting. Additional nominations can be proposed either from the floor during the club meeting or prior to the meeting by contacting any member of the board. As stated in the constitution, candidates for board positions shall be elected by a plurality of the total votes cast at a club meeting. However, if a nominee runs unopposed, confirmation may be made by unanimous acclaim.

In their nomination, two members described Mark as follows: He is mild mannered, thoughtful, enthusiastic about the club, has been a substitute ride leader, and is beginning to lead rides outside our area that are of particularly noteworthy scenic interest. He is a regular on at least Jeremy’s Westside Ride, Shute Park to Banks Ride, Hubbard to Silverton Ride and Sarah’s Roller Coaster.


Pat McManus, President