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SnowCap Recap
December 31, 2019

Thanks, Members, for the generous support! Members proved once again that it is not always about the miles. With our Honda Element packed over halfway to the ceiling, we dropped off 67 pounds of food, 32 pounds of coats and socks, 44 pounds of paper grocery sacks and egg cartons,… Read More

December Election
November 30, 2019

At the December club member meeting on Thursday, December 5, at 7:00 PM, an election of officers to serve on the club’s executive board will be held. Each position is for a one-year term beginning in January 2020. The list of candidates to date includes: President: Pat McManus, Incumbent Vice… Read More

Award Nomination Criteria
November 30, 2019

Each year Portland Bicycling Club members nominate individuals whom they believe have shown exceptional effort on the club’s behalf over the course of the year. The nominations are made prior to the end of December, and the awards banquet is held in January. The awards committee, comprised of past winners… Read More

Member-at-Large Vacancy
November 30, 2019

Dave McQuery has resigned from his position as member at large from July to June. Dave added some spice to board meeting discussions over the past few months and served as ride leader for the Jim O’Horo Memorial Columbia Gorge Explorer, but other activities have taken him away from being… Read More

Club Statistician
November 30, 2019

Thank you to George Ammerman and Chip Kyle. George has been statistician for 3½ years and has done an excellent job, but he felt it was time to pass this task along to someone else. Thank you to Chip Kyle for stepping up to take over this position! Chip is… Read More

November 30, 2019

Don’t you just love acronyms? Being employed in a school, I find they come flying at me all the time. I miss most of the conversation while my brain scrambles to decipher the code. So, PBC is, of course, Portland Bicycling Club. NWBSC is Northwest Bicycle Safety Council. As… Read More

Yearend Contributions
November 30, 2019

We all get solicitations for charitable giving this time of year. Not sure if it is the spirit of giving or the spirit of last-minute tax deductions, or a combination of the two, that drives this. However, it has become an established part of our culture. Probably very few of… Read More

SnowCap Food & Coat Drive
November 30, 2019

2019 has been a great year for cycling. A fall season filled with dry and warm weather has provided more cycling opportunities for all. However, as demonstrated by the ever increasing number of homeless tents along the bike paths and roadways, life continues to be challenging for those with minimal… Read More