SnowCap Recap -Portland Bicycling Club

SnowCap Recap

Thanks, Members, for the generous support!

Members proved once again that it is not always about the miles. With our Honda Element packed over halfway to the ceiling, we dropped off 67 pounds of food, 32 pounds of coats and socks, 44 pounds of paper grocery sacks and egg cartons, and monetary donations totaling $5,225. SnowCap* volunteers welcomed the donations with open arms and expressed their gratitude for our yearly collection.

This year the monetary donations will be directed to buy nutritious foods, diapers, and additional warm clothing for clients. As in the past, SnowCap Community Charities can turn a $5 donation into $100 of buying power, empowering the agency to meet the ever-increasing number of client families serviced by the organization.

Thank you all for your generosity to share with others who may be facing day-by-day living challenges at this time of the year. You are the BEST! Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous new year.

Joan Cullen & Dave Ek, Club Members

* SnowCap has provided family assistance in the east Multnomah County community since 1967, and each year they find the need increasing for food and clothing. More information can be found on their website,