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Yahoo Listserv

If “Yahoo!” is an exclamation of great joy or excitement, then I’m afraid this is NOT a Yahoo moment.

Portland Bicycling Club has used, specifically Yahoo Groups, as a listserv to share late breaking, timely club information with our members. If someone crashed, or if there was some urgent club news, a bike-eating pothole to report, or any general bike-related information to share, then that information was sent out on the listserv or in other words email list of subscribers. It was not a very active list, which was a good thing. But it may have helped you stay current with all things PBC.

Portland Bicycling Club also uses your email for “blasts” which we try to use sparingly. That’s how your Quick Releases monthly newsletter gets to you or maybe a quick survey or picnic information, etc.

Alas, Yahoo has decided to stop supporting the community platform we have been utilizing and to “migrate” to their email platform. The PBC board has yet to address this issue, and perhaps no action needs to be taken.

As moderator, I have to say I valued the group approach to share information. I also enjoy not having our PBC emails cluttered with a lot of random information. Personally, I saw a use for both formats. There are other email services we can use; or we can just rely on the QR, word of mouth, and maybe employ our club email blasts more frequently.

If you have opinions or suggestions regarding this matter, please reach out to one of your board members. Certainly, we want to remain informed, but it’s up to the membership as to whether we find a similar service or implement what we already have at hand.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Yahoo Groups platform. I enjoyed being the moderator and thought it was a good, informative tool for our club.

Ann Morrow, Listserv Moderator