Charitable Donations for 2019

Something to think about . . . As a club, we not only experience great rides and adventures but also have the chance to give back to the community through service and charitable donations. This is where you come in! As a club member, you have a say in how the club allocates funds for its donations to non-profit organizations. Your input is valuable – so start thinking about organizations that promote bicycle-related activities, that align with our purpose, and that would benefit from our financial support.

Once you’ve identified any organizations, submit a written request with your recommendations by December 2, 2019, to President Pat McManus at [email protected]. At December’s board meeting, the board will assess, select organizations, and assign proposed contributions based on your input. It can be a lengthy process, but your input in advance will be greatly appreciated! After speaking with many members, we found that giving back via donations is one of the things most look forward to annually (in addition to riding, of course).

Ashley Reynolds, Vice President