Special Events Coordinator -Portland Bicycling Club

Special Events Coordinator

A golden opportunity awaits a special individual or team to give back to your club. This person will solicit volunteers to assist with the staffing requirements of the Pioneer Century (PC) and/or Seattle to Portland (STP). The Pioneer Century has been offered in some version for about 45 years, and PBC(PWTC) has been involved with STP for about 40 years. Without these revenue producing events, your club’s activities would likely be negatively impacted. Banquets, picnics, charitable donations, and other activities could be curtailed. 

Recent tools used to help with signing up volunteers included the use of SignUpGenius, an online method to allow individuals to sign themselves up, and the low-tech foam board which visually displayed available volunteer positions. The board has usually been unveiled at the awards banquet. Communication of volunteerism has been widely broadcast through the Quick Releases and blanket email messaging to the membership.

The volunteer coordinator(s) will work closely with the PC and STP coordinators to create the necessary dates/positions/time slots, etc., for their events. New ideas on how to better fulfill staffing of events are welcomed.

As the past volunteer coordinator for both the PC and STP, I will gladly support any individual who graciously offers to assist our club in this role. If you have any questions about this exciting and interesting position, please contact me ([email protected], 503-641-2971) or any board member.

Corey Eng, 2022 Special Events Coordinator