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Send in Your Nominations for Awards

Each year Portland Bicycling Club members nominate individuals they believe have shown exceptional effort on the club’s behalf over the course of the year. The nominations are made prior to the end of December, and the awards banquet is held early in the subsequent year. The awards committee, comprised of past winners of the Jim Mooney Member of the Year Award, selects the winners. The club has certain criteria for a nominee to be considered in a variety of categories. Each nominee must meet all qualifications to receive the award:

1. Member of the Year (Jim Mooney Award):

        • Is currently a member in good standing and has been active in PBC since at least January 2021, and
        • Accumulated 1,000 or more club miles in 2023, and
        • Served as a ride leader sometime during 2023, and
        • Participated as an event volunteer in at least one special event in 2023, and
        • lf a board officer, contributed beyond that of assigned duties in promoting PBC.

2. Valued Member:

To be eligible, a member must have contributed to PBC in an outstanding manner during 2023, but may not have met qualifications for Member of the Year (above).

3. Volunteer of the Year:

Member in good standing who has contributed during 2023 in any of the following capacities:

        • Worked as an event coordinator, or
        • Volunteered for any event (but not necessarily as coordinator), or
        • Served as an active ride leader, or
        • Held either board or committee position, or
        • Participated actively in club activities.

Nominee’s recognition can be for one outstanding contribution or as an ongoing participant. Award is not restricted by length of membership.

4. Ride Leader of the Year:

        • Member who has exceeded the guidelines as set forth in the ride leader checklist during 2023, and
        • Acted in a conscientious and friendly manner, showing knowledge of route(s), and
        • Represented the club by welcoming new or non-PBC members at rides.

5. Goodwill Ambassador (Newt Acker Award):

Member in good standing who within 2023 has helped to enhance the friendly image of PBC within the community.

6. Comeback Award:

Member who has suffered injury while cycling yet came back with style and determination to resume cycling in 2023.

7. Most Improved New Rider:

        • Joined PBC in 2023 (or no later than October 2022, having ridden less-than-500 miles by year’s end), and
        • Rode 500-or-more club miles in 2023, and
        • Demonstrated improvement in different lengths of rides and varieties of terrain within their riding capabilities.

8. Most Improved Rider:

        • Is a PBC member in good standing since January 2022 or earlier, and
        • Rode 500-or-more club miles in 2023, and
        • Showed improvement in different types of distances and terrains within their riding capabilities.

9. Other Awards:

lf the categories listed above are a bit too traditional, then you can also create your own special award to recognize and capture another rider’s unique personality.

While there may be some overlap in categories, it does allow a chance for individual recognition to be given to more members who contribute their time and efforts throughout the year. Your input is essential. Feel free to discuss your ideas with other members; while you can be discreet, your nominations don’t need to be secret. Awards are given based on nominations received. lf nominations are not made, then awards cannot be presented; so, it’s up to you! 😊  Send your nominations in writing, including member’s name, designating the name of the award, and describing the reason for your recommendation . . .


TO: Corey Eng, 11025 NW Ironwood Ln, Portland, OR 97229 or PREFERABLY by email to [email protected].

Click here to see Past Award Recipients.

Corey Eng, Awards Committee Chair

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