Welcome Rides

You may notice that May brings WELCOME RIDES back to our monthly ride schedule. Routes include enticing names such as “Eastside Neighborhood Loop,” “Around the Compass Explorer,” “Willamette River Ride,” and “Explore Vancouver (WA not BC).”  These rides will run from May through September.

There are four ride leaders: Tom Carter, Bud Rice, Alison Nelson, and me, Ann Morrow. We each offer one of the above rides and we each try to offer them once a month.  The beauty is, with four of us, the obligation is not burdensome.  Bud Rice is the coordinator of this series and will make sure we meet his rigorous expectations.

The “WELCOME” in the Welcome Rides is an open invitation for any and all of you to join us.  These are group rides, and I know some of the ride leaders don’t use maps.  I, on the other hand, have a map and cue sheet; and we are sticking to that route every single time!  Riders will stay together on all these group rides.  When we are leading these rides, and if we have newer riders, it is sometimes difficult to have much of a discussion with them.  We’re out front leading.  It’s wonderful to have other club members to talk to new riders, ride with them, and show them by example how to ride in a group.

Please encourage newer riders, your non-member cycling buddies, whoever you think can ride 25-30 miles at about 12-15 mph on the flats, to join us.  These are a bit longer and more challenging than Chuck’s Slow Poke Rides or my MEET PBC or Back in the Saddle Again rides.  They are pretty ambitious for novice riders.  Send them to Chuck or me for the easier rides!

Don’t forget to thank Bud and Tom and Alison for facilitating these rides.  It takes a patient and kind ride leader to lead group rides, and our Welcome Ride leaders are pros.

Thank you.

Submitted by Ann Morrow