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Coffee Stop Review: Tilikum Bridge

This is the first in a series in which I will be reviewing PBC regular coffee stop locations. The intention is to share the impressions of fellow riders’ favorite coffee shops, delicatessens, and cafes that seem to part of our regular ride routine. After all, we might be considered a coffee club with a riding problem. Our goal is to share experiences so that other riders can benefit from our exploration of refueling stops. If you have a favorite that needs to be highlighted, please let me know. 

At the south end of the Tilikum Crossing Bridge is the OHSU Skourtes Tower at the Robertson Collaborative Life Science Building, which has an amazing lobby/atrium space where students and faculty can hang out while sipping coffee or grabbing a snack. On the south side of the building, you will find a Flying Elephants and a Starbucks. The interior space nestled between OHSU teaching spaces and offices has soft seating and nice big tables. The seating area has a massive glass wall that looks out toward the Tilikum bridge and a covered space that’s perfect for parking your locked bikes. The previously mentioned coffee/food options plus bathrooms are accessible from inside the seating area. It’s perfect for our brief “coffee stops” especially during the rainy seasons. When is that coming to an end?

The only challenge to enjoying this space seems to be gaining access from the covered area through exterior locked doors. Fortunately, there are very nice students or faculty to open the doors for you! Once inside, the open space is a great place to grab a seat and offload your multiple layers of outerwear. The comfy seating is amazing! We are guests of OHSU, so be “good guests,” return chairs back to their original locations, and clean up after yourselves.

Remember when we had nice weather? Well, during nice weather you can sit outside on the south side of the building next to Elephants and Starbucks. The coffee and snacks are the same; however, the outdoor, metal seating is not as comfortable. Another seating challenge is when Elephant’s deli is closed (Saturday and Sunday) and some of the seating is cable locked together. There are plenty of easily monitored bike racks adjacent to the outdoor seating.

Regardless of the weather, it’s a great place to take a break and hang out with fellow cyclists.

Richard Higgins, Member at Large