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Rookie Rides

The second year of Portland Bicycling Club’s ROOKIE RIDES is starting to take off as we remain optimistic that there will indeed be a spring and warmer, drier weather.

We’ve got some great volunteers who are already planning to schedule rides through the summer. The hope is to offer at least one every other week. More than that would be wonderful. Our volunteers are full of promising ideas and sincere in meeting this need in the cycling community. 

These rides will be 10 or fewer total miles. The pace will be geared to the slowest rider in the group, probably 10 to 12 mph. That’s right – no dropping – no rider left behind. The objective is to help those who have recently purchased bicycles or those who haven’t been riding much to Take Life by the Handlebars!

Each ride will have at least two “leaders” to meet the riders’ needs. Safety will be a big focus. Some routes will be exclusively on bike paths such as the Springwater Corridor Trail. Others will use surface streets to help riders learn to ride with traffic and generally to cycle around town. We will make every effort to include some socialization in the form of a bakery or café as we all agree that personal interaction is key to helping new riders become passionate about riding.

ROOKIE RIDES is the name of the series, and it will include the “or Back in the Saddle Again” verbiage as we do with the MEET RIDES. Of course, you don’t need to be new to cycling or coming back to it after a hiatus. Come help us form these rides, welcome new riders, and share your expertise.

Please, if you can spare a morning or two to offer a beginner-type ride, let me know. We are hoping to meet a need and welcome more cyclists into the wonderful world of bicycling. We’re going to get the series up and running and then focus on publicity in the bike community to generate more outside interest.

As a Rookie Ride leader, YOU develop or choose a route that you think meets the needs of beginning riders. YOU schedule it when you think people can join in. YOU find a second club member to help sweep, encourage, and offer safety suggestions along the route (I can offer suggestions).

Thank you for your support, and please send our way those you know who could benefit from our Rookie Rides.

Ann Morrow, Vice President