Sunday Parkways Goes Virtual for June

Fellow Portland Bicycling Club members, this update reflects current information made available to me by Alexis Gabriel, PBOT Sunday Parkways Coordinator. The June 28 event will be virtual, providing programming across the month of June.

I asked Alexis what we can do here as Portland Bicycling Club. How can we help during this pandemic time? Alexis responded to PBC members with the following,

β€œThe Portland Sunday Parkways program will go online for June. We will be focusing on active transportation literacy:

  • centered on biking and walking (during and post-COVID-19);
  • healthy living tips (e.g., eating healthy, mental health, and videos and online fitness classes);
  • as well as art.

We will also work with local community partners and city bureaus to provide informative panels on a series of topics that will range from bike maintenance tutorials to conversations with the Office of Community & Civic Life on how we can support our neighbors.

Please join our virtual June event! The survey is still available for you to respond with what you would like to see in the Sunday Parkways programming: Click here for the survey.”

Portland Bureau of Transportation has moved their content to a new City of Portland’s government website. Alexis directed me to share the new link with our PBC members:

Portland Sunday Parkways at home can be found at these online locations:

Kathleen Hellem, PBC Sunday Parkways Coordinator