Holiday SnowCap Recap -Portland Bicycling Club

Holiday SnowCap Recap

While the December club member meeting hosted a modest number in attendance, the generosity of those present was overflowing! I always try to get to the meeting a bit early to set up the collection table, but this year I arrived to find the table already half filled with donations. True to form, as more members started to arrive, the stacks continued to grow larger and spill onto the floor. Plus, when I went to load our car, I opened the back to find, yet, more donations already loaded and waiting for transport.  

On behalf of SnowCap, thank you to all who participated. In a post-Covid year when families are still feeling the fallout of three tough years of economic setbacks, these donations will help them work towards a better future.

So, drum roll please for the final tally: Food, 34 pounds; clothing (coats, socks, gloves), 74 pounds; refundable cans and bottles, 20 pounds; numerous bags of egg cartons; and, $100 in monetary donations! Over the years, SnowCap’s successful partnerships with local food suppliers turn every dollar we donate into buying power of greater value.

Thank you all for your generosity to share with others who may be facing day-by-day food insecurity challenges not only at this time, but throughout the year. You are the BEST! Wishing you all a healthy, safe-cycling and prosperous New Year.

Joan Cullen & Dave Ek, Club Members