Ride Leader Workshop -Portland Bicycling Club

Ride Leader Workshop

Your revered and glorious road captains are holding a workshop for ride leaders and ride leader wannabes. SAVE THIS DATE: Wednesday, February 8, 2023, 7:00-9:00 PM, at All Saints Episcopal Church, 4033 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland.


  1. Why is this called a workshop? Nobody knows what to call it, so “workshop” is as good as any name, and “restroom” seemed misleading…even though many attendees in the past seemed to have used the venue as a place to relax for the evening.    
  2. What is the workshop all about? It’s about discussing topics of interest to ride leaders and a brief explanation of what is expected of a ride leader if, hopefully, some wannabes are attending. Oh, and a bite to eat.
  3. What kind of topics? How would we know? We aren’t mind readers! You tell us! Seriously! Email suggestions to roadcaptain@portlandbicyclingclub.com and we, in our infinite wisdom, will select appropriate topics from the suggestions.
  4. We want to do this! How do we get in?! Ha! You think we are going to give you an answer to that right here? Ride leaders must work, so here is a task for you: go to the ride calendar and read the posting, then you’ll know. Yes, we know how exhausting this will be for you.

See you there?

Rob Schroeder, Road Captain