Your Club at Work: January 2021 -Portland Bicycling Club

Your Club at Work: January 2021


Your fellow club member, Dave McQuery, registered complaints to more than one public agency this fall about the overgrowth of blackberry    bushes on the Marine Drive Trail. Specifically, his frustration was with the portion of the bike path between the Gleason Memorial Boat Ramp and west to 33rd Drive/Sunderland Avenue where the path had been overtaken by thorny stems and limited to a single lane in places. Mission accomplished! The overgrowth is now cleared away from the path itself and all debris removed. Safe riding restored. Thank you, Dave!

Community Cycling Center


In December, the executive board met to discuss annual charitable contributions.  ✎  Board members present carefully and thoughtfully considered the club’s financial position. There had been no income in 2020. Looking into 2021 was not a clear picture. Ultimately the motion was made to defer charitable contributions until a later date in 2021. The motion passed. For a more detailed description you may view the board meeting minutes by logging in to our website, pull down the “About” menu and go to “Club and Board Meetings.”


The December club meeting included the election of the 2021 board. Eric Hendricks had compiled a slate of candidates,  ✎  some willing to return to their posts, some volunteering to join in and fill an open position. On meeting night, the slate was presented. All candidates accepted their nominations. No further nominations were forthcoming from the Zoom floor, so all candidates ran unopposed. The votes were cast anonymously via Zoom polling. The result was as follows (drum roll please….):

Office Candidate
President Doug Myers
Vice President Ann Morrow
Treasurer Corey Eng
Recording Secretary Kathleen Hellem
Membership Secretary Cindy Bernert-Coppola
Road Captain #1 Steve Burkhardt
Member at Large Stephen Bache
Member at Large Mike Heffernan

Additionally, Pat McManus had previously appointed Don Zook to fill the remainder of Mark Landers’ open member-at-large position through June.

Ann Morrow, Vice President