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Seattle to Portland 2021

STP Volunteers Ann & Magdelana 2019

As cyclists, the first of the year brings the excitement of a new cycling season and the making of plans for riding in the upcoming year. STP (Seattle to Portland) is on many cyclists’ to-do lists.

As a member of Portland Bicycling Club, STP weekend, July 17 and 18 in 2021, may be a riding objective or may be a volunteer opportunity. I think we agree that having last year’s event canceled due to Covid-19 was appropriate but unsettling. For most of us, having that weekend in July free of any bicycling activity was a very strange sensation! 

We are embarking on a new year still combating the virus but with some weaponry at hand. Plans are being made for at least some cycling events. Cascade Bicycle Club (CBC) is moving forward with STP. It is on the Cascade event calendar with February 2 listed as the registration date for CBC members and March 2 as the date for open registration. The cost is still to be determined. Details should be available this month, January, though we have all learned how unforeseen events can destroy even the best laid plans. Last year we saw organizers abandoning their traditional events and ride routes and improvising with virtual or “my ride” versions with varying results.

At this point, and with the facts at hand, STP planning is in the works. Our own Eric Hendricks has begun the process of application for permits for the use of Holladay Park for the finish line activities. He will need to obtain a noise variance permit and fire marshal approval in a few months. Last year, when the event was canceled, the City of Portland reimbursed our payment for Holladay Park. Had the event taken place, Cascade would have reimbursed PBC pursuant to our contract with them. In fact, Cascade has assured Eric they will reimburse PBC if the event is canceled and Parks and Recreation does not reimburse.

Mark Klein continues on as STP coordinator. He has advised that Rebecca Sorenson, our CBC contact for the past many years, is no longer with them. We do not have a 2021 contract with CBC which is not unusual early in the year in usual circumstances and certainly understandable under the current circumstances! Mark is waiting for more information from CBC before proceeding with his own event tasks. He has time; this is not a concern. Mark is also waiting on CBC before starting the Friday bus registrations.

Mark acknowledges concern about the uncertainties of the vaccine in both Washington and Oregon, and if an event for 8,000+ people will be allowed or if we will be able to fill our volunteer positions completely.

I would ask that you save the dates of July 17-18 (maybe just in pencil) and stay tuned.

Ann Morrow, Vice President