Rookie Rides

What is a “rookie?” It’s someone who is new. In the case of Portland Bicycling Club, someone new to group cycling or even cycling in general.

Most of us were “rookies” to this sport at one time. I remember not knowing what I was doing! I joined in with PWTC (now PBC) rides with my husband and a friend and we pretty much showed up, got dropped at the first traffic light, and followed the map on our own. We had a great time, but it wasn’t really a club experience.  Others have had similar experiences, and it has resulted in a longstanding, hard-to-shake, bad reputation.

Last year, 2021, we started a series called “ROOKIE RIDES” to draw in new cyclists with an actual entry-level ride. Around 10 miles in length (give or take) and slow paced, these rides gently guide riders on to the bigger and better rides we have to offer. 

We try to have a leader and a sweep, who brings up the rear, to give a sense of security to these newbies. Other club members are welcome to help encourage and give helpful suggestions along the route. How to use all those gears is a good lesson to provide along the ride.

In addition, look for Chuck Dorr’s “Slowpoke” rides, still slow but longer distances:

Please, send friends and family our way, and join in yourself to add to the fun.

We’ll be starting soon, as the weather warms, and hope to offer at least two rookie rides a month again.

Thank you for your support.

Ann Morrow, Vice President