Ride Leaders and Safety


Once again, though it does not occur often, this is a call for new ride leaders, and we’ll throw in a safety note for good measure.

The majority of club rides are generated by a very few members, so we are at risk of losing a whole bunch of rides if a ride leader decides to take a break. Are you showing up for a ride each week? Maybe showing up for multiple rides each week? If so, then you are already into the commitment part (the hardest part) of the ride leader responsibilities. Are you not showing up at all, but want to find meaning in life? BE A RIDE LEADER! This is your chance to be THE BOSS and make riders suffer and bend to your will. Believe me, it’s intoxicating! Besides, it is only a little more effort than just showing up for a ride, and the thrill of being THE BOSS and inflicting pain and suffering makes the little additional effort more than worth it. 

If you have any interest at all, please contact your road captains at [email protected], and we will assist you with becoming a RIDE LEADER.



Do we look like the safety committee? NO! Are we concerned about safety? YES! As well as you should be, too. We are not going to author a book on safe cycling. You already know the rules and courtesies, you just don’t follow them; but a couple of specific issues came up that we would like to forward to you.

  1. “On your left!” That’s all you have to yell, when passing, particularly if you are passing by only a few feet. Of course, you may be “on your right,” which isn’t as proper, but better than not saying a thing. On second thought, since passing on the right is less expected, it may be even more important to announce yourself. And YELL it! Don’t mumble.
  2. Ooooooo! Do you want to be a dead cyclist? It appears that some do by passing in the oncoming lane on a blind corner. WHAP! THUMP, THUMP! VARRRROOOOOM, SCREECH, VARRRROOOOM! (Hit and run is all the rage these days, and besides, it wasn’t their fault, so why hang around?) There. Now your heir(s) will be rich, but you won’t be able to enjoy seeing them bask in all their newfound wealth…or will you? The best that you will be able to hope for is to wind up at the hotel for discontented souls and wait until you find satisfaction to go to a peaceful afterlife.

Rob Schroeder, Road Captain