March 2018 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

March 2018 Top Talk

President Chip Kyle

Well, the weather deities had seemed to forget about winter, but have now decided we were missing all of its fun. That is assuming you call riding in cold, wet weather with patches of snow hanging around “fun.” Most of the weekday rides were cancelled last week due to the snow and icy conditions. And those few rides that did go on saw only the most intrepid of our riders on their bikes. This coming month we return to Daylight Savings Time and will pass the Spring Equinox, so the weather is bound to improve. Keep your hopes up!  Better riding weather is coming!

You all are aware of my focus on safety, so you will not be surprised at the following. The board has formed a Rider Safety Committee consisting of both club and board members with the objective of developing a policy targeted at promoting rider safety. At this point, the committee, headed by Pat McManus, has a preliminary draft outlining goals, strategies, and tactics. As the draft is refined, it will be presented to the board for review and comment. Stay tuned, as this affects all of us.

You should make every effort to come to the March club meeting. We will be bringing two topics to the club members for their input. The first concerns the non-PWTC rides for which mileage credit is given. The board has a proposed slate of 8 rides, but there are 2 “openings” and the board wants your input about which additional rides should be considered. The second topic concerns the annual club picnic. For the past few years, we have used a caterer to provide the picnic food. There is considerable interest in returning to the old format of a potluck. We need your comments since there is a significant trade off between cost to the club and effort by the club to put on the picnic. So, come and share your opinions and ideas!

Enjoy the good riding days as they come. And please, ride safely!