June 2017 Top Talk

President Chip Kyle

As all of you well know by now, the Wheelmen put on two major annual events that require lots and lots of volunteers:  the Pioneer Century and the finish line of Seattle-to-Portland.  I appreciate all of you who responded to my plea last month to fill the volunteer slots that were still open.  Many of you did, so thank you.  There are, however, a few that remain open.  Please see Corey Eng’s article nearby to see the positions that are still available.  Many of the positions are structured so that you can be a volunteer as well as ride on the day of the ride.  If you do volunteer, your ride is free!

Running the finish line for the Seattle-to-Portland ride takes an equal level of volunteer effort from club members.  As of this date, we are approximately six weeks from that event.  Again, many of the positions have been filled, but there are several still open.  See the second article from Corey in this newsletter to see what may be of interest.  We offer lavish compensation for volunteering:  a pizza party before the event, food vouchers at the event (you get to eat twice!) and yet another colorful t-shirt to add to your collection.  Don’t pass up these opportunities!  They only come around once in a blue moon.

As a thank you to all your volunteer efforts, the club picnic is scheduled for the second Sunday in August, the 13th.  (Note the change – it is usually the first Sunday, but this year it’s the second.)  There is no cost to you, the food is catered and we are offering three rides for your enjoyment – a family ride of 10 miles, and two longer rides of 25 and 32 miles.  You will need to sign up for the picnic so we have an accurate head count for the caterer.  Look for information elsewhere coming shortly.

At the last club meeting, Cynergy E-Bikes offered demonstration rides from their stable of e-bikes.  I have never seen so many broad smiles on people’s faces as they returned from their test rides.  We already have a few club members who enjoy them.  Perhaps we’ll be seeing more?

Final thought:  Two bicycle helmets were hanging on a rack in the hallway.  One helmet said to the other:  “You stay here, I’ll go on a head.”

Ride Safely!