July 2017 Top Talk

President Chip Kyle

One of the characteristics of this club that makes me proud is how willing you, the club members, are to volunteer and to serve in whatever capacity is needed. It is gratifying to see so many turn up, smile, ask what else can they do and be a significant, contributing part of a large effort. In an event the size of the Pioneer Century, there are no small or insignificant jobs to do.  The myriad number of smaller tasks completed makes the whole event function smoothly.  There are plenty of those, and plenty of larger tasks as well.  Regardless of the size of the task, each was important to successfully bring off the event. In the July issue of the Quick Releases newsletter is a thank you note from Corey Eng, Volunteer Coordinator. If you bother to count up the individual names as I did, you will see there are 115 names of volunteers. Wow! 115! I want to add my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your help. We needed you, and you came through! Special kudos need to go to Brian Hammer and Ann Morrow, Event Coordinators. Thank you both for a job well done!

We are almost done with our pleas, begging, wheedling, arm twisting and solicitations as we look for volunteers for the STP.  Running the finish line takes a tremendous level of volunteer effort from club members. As of this date, we are just two weeks from that event. There are a few important positions still open. We offer lavish compensation for volunteering: a pizza party before the event, food vouchers at the event (you get to eat twice!) and yet another colorful t-shirt to add to your collection. Corey also serves as Volunteer Coordinator for STP.  Please see his article in the July issue of the Quick Releases..

Please remember to put the club picnic on your calendar. It is scheduled for the second Sunday in August, the 13th. There is no cost to you, the food is catered and we are offering three rides for your enjoyment – a family ride of 10 miles, and two longer rides of 25 and 32 miles. You will need to sign up for the picnic so we have an accurate headcount for the caterer. Look for information elsewhere coming shortly.

Personal note:  you will not see your club president riding with the club this summer.  I had back surgery on June 8th and recovery is expected to be at least two months, and more likely three.  I hope to be back on the bike by September at the latest. In the meantime…

Ride Safely!