June 2022 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

June 2022 Top Talk

Sometimes life changes one’s priorities.

A month ago, my primary concern was organizing the Pioneer Metric Century™. I really wanted, and still want, the ride to be a success, with a good turnout to assure the ride’s continuation. We have many talented club members who have volunteered to support the event and to make it an enjoyable experience for the riders. But then…

My son Grant, in his senior year of high school, qualified for the Robotics World Championship in Dallas, Texas (May 5-8). I decided to use my Southwest Airlines credit from a canceled flight for the trip, only to find out that the credit would expire at the end of April. It was a use it or lose it situation, and Roger Harris came to the rescue, offering to host me for a week at his condominium in Tucson. The stay and Roger’s hospitality were superb and provided a welcome respite from the anxiety associated with the Pioneer.

However, when I returned home, I found messages that a paternal cousin had died and a maternal cousin had suffered a stroke at work. This resulted in an impromptu road trip with my brother to attend the funeral in Newport, Oregon. Then, we were off to a week in Dallas for the robotics competition.

The other cousin wasn’t so simple. He lived alone in an apartment and had no one to care for him. I assured his brother in Texas that I would help to arrange his care, which after a couple of weeks morphed into managing his estate following his death from a second stroke. That includes cleaning out his apartment (he was a hoarder) before his rent expires at the end of May.

As for priorities, bicycling has been the last thing on my mind. (I have been on one ride since returning from Tucson.) Thankfully, the devoted Pioneer volunteers have willingly shouldered the load of planning the Pioneer. We all desire the event to succeed. That’s one priority that hasn’t changed!

I hope to see you all at the ride start on June 11th!

Doug Myers, President