Training Rides

Reach the Beach 2019

Respectfully submitted by Ann Morrow

Ann Morrow and Kathleen Hellem at an RtB Info Night in 2018

February 16 will be the start of our Reach the Beach training series. If you look at our PBC ride calendar you see MANY rides listed as Reach the Beach Training Rides [RtB]. You regular club riders may wonder what the heck is going on!

Dick Weber leads a core group of Reach the Beach Training rides each Saturday. They will continue through May 11 with Reach the Beach being on May 18. The first ride is a starter ride of 30 miles. The routes get longer and longer as Dick strives to get the RtB riders who want to ride the full 100-mile route (Portland to Pacific City) in shape so they reach their goal. Scott Poindexter, Ashley Reynolds, Kathleen Hellem, and I join in as we are able to assist Dick.

In particular, Kathleen and I will be at the start of these Saturday rides as frequently as possible to offer shorter variations of the traditional rides. That way, those who aren’t ready for Dick’s full ride or aren’t planning to ride the full 100 Reach the Beach route have an opportunity to ride with experienced riders at a slower pace on a shorter ride.

Additionally, in the past we learned that Reach the Beach riders would like to have some Sunday ride options. Saturday doesn’t always work out. Rather than go to a lot of effort to incorporate some new Sunday rides into our long-utilized core group of routes, I asked some of our ride leaders to help out. I requested that they just put on one of their usual rides but include “Reach the Beach” in the name to help guide our new Reach the Beach friends to those rides. This has been successful the last couple of years and I hope our ride leaders will continue to supplement with their own favorite rides.

If you aren’t directly involved, don’t feel left out. We need all of you! Please attend these rides, as many as you can.  If there are new riders, please reach out to them, encourage them, assist them as you see fit. Many of these riders need the knowledge and skills that you have accumulated over your many years of cycling. Take the time to talk to them.

I see these Reach the Beach Training Rides as a perfect avenue to attract new members. Let’s show them what a great organization Portland Bicycling Club is and demonstrate by our words and actions why they will want to keep riding with us after Reach the Beach.

Also, I think we should encourage them to participate in Salem’s Monster Cookie (April 28) as it’s a good opportunity to get in some distance and ride in a crowd.

Thank you all for your ongoing support.