Reach the Beach Training Rides

Reach the Beach 2021

Ann Morrow and Kathleen Hellem at an RtB Info Night in 2018

As of mid-April, 2021 Portland Bicycling Club has determined that bicycling, like other outdoor activities, can be safely pursued even with Covid-19 still a factor. We will maintain protocols such as mask wearing and social distancing for safety. Coffee stops will be regulated by the state we are traveling in (Oregon or Washington) as far as occupancy and restroom availability.

We Want to Help You Achieve Your Goal

Find our ride offerings at   Look for “Reach the Beach” training rides on Saturdays and Sundays. You will find the map and/or cue sheet. Join us for the ride and we’ll do the work, you just ride your bike. Please be aware that the time listed is the DEPARTURE time.

Using these tried and true routes vetted by our PBC club members and other Reach the Beachers over past years will help you build your riding ability and skills.  They should give you the experience and training you will need to have a fun, successful Reach the Beach ride in May.

Ride Your Way

Many of you may choose the RIDE YOUR WAY option.  Perhaps for the less experienced riders, this might present a challenge of figuring out a route. Putting together a route of 55 miles or 75 miles or especially 100 miles could be a formidable obstacle to success.  So, in addition to the weekly training route suggestion, we can help you with RIDE YOUR WAY route suggestions.

The RIDE YOUR WAY version of Reach the Beach allows the opportunity for family participation.  Again, let us know if you need help developing a route that will work for you and yours.

We Want You to Succeed

Our primary objective is to help participants achieve their Reach the Beach cycling goal, whatever that is.

Do you need more help than you are finding here?  Contact Ann Morrow, [email protected]. If I can’t help you I have a whole club full of cycling enthusiasts to put to use!