E-Bikes Welcome on PWTC Rides!

E-bikes are welcome on PWTC rides! If you ride an electric assist bike, we would love to have you ride with us. Several of our established members have transitioned to E-bikes, so you will have plenty of company. One of our most active ride leaders – Chuck Dorr – rides an electric assist, recumbent three-wheeler. If you have not ridden with us before, we suggest that you look for one of Chuck’s “slow poke” rides or one of Ann Morrow’s “Meet PWTC/Back in the Saddle” rides to start with. These are great introductory rides for anyone, electric assist or conventional power. Here is the link to our ride schedule: https://portlandbicyclingclub.com/scheduled_rides/

If you ride an electric assist bike, we are positively CHARGED UP to have you join us!