August 2016 Top Talk

President Chip Kyle

We have just come off two months of extensive volunteer efforts by members of our bike club. Last month was the Pioneer Century (the subject of last month’s Top Talk), and this month was the finish line of the Seattle to Portland bike ride. As most of you know, Cascade Bicycle Club in Seattle is the prime organizer of this event, but they contract with the Wheelmen to run the finish line for them. This has been a successful partnership for many, many years and has worked out well for both clubs.

Running the finish line is a massive effort and would not have come off so smoothly without the dedicated effort of two club members: Ann Morrow, the overall Finish Line Coordinator and Corey Eng, the Volunteer Coordinator. Together they organized the activities and volunteers needed to staff each. By this time all club members should know Corey well as he pleaded, begged, wheedled, cajoled and twisted arms with each of you to fill the needed volunteer positions. Corey also had to recruit and contract with other organizations to help with the more physically demanding tasks of unloading and sorting baggage and erecting and tearing down fencing. Ann was the quiet but incredibly effective organizer in the background as she dealt with the various glitches that happen with any event of this size. One of the more challenging glitches, outside anyone’s control, was the breakdown of one of the Centralia luggage trucks which caused a domino effect with subsequent return transportation of bikes and people.

picnicAnn and Corey were the two leads, but without the help of all of you who volunteered it could not have happened. So, a huge THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you for all your efforts and willingness to help. Reminder, in appreciation for all your volunteer efforts, the Club Picnic is the first Sunday in August. While it is free, you need to have registered so we have an accurate headcount for the caterers. If you failed to register, feel free to bring your own lunch.

Finally, an event that the club actively supports is the Beaverton, Banks and Beyond Ride later in August on the 20th. This event is sponsored by the NW Bicycle Safety Council. It’s a great ride, well supported, with good food and for a worthy cause. Come out and enjoy the ride!