April 2022 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

April 2022 Top Talk

The Pioneer: Not Just Another Ride. The Pioneer Metric Century is just two months away. Why should we care?

The Pioneer and the STP are the two most important events for our club; each has its separate role. The STP is our principal source of income, which funds our charitable donations and events. The Pioneer is our primary interface with the community.

Although the Pioneer may be unfamiliar to the newer members, it has been a cornerstone of the club for most of its 51-year history. It has been dormant for three years, initially due to cost overruns and later to the pandemic. But now, it’s being reintroduced as a leaner, more sustainable event.

How can you support the Pioneer? By participating as a volunteer or as a rider. Volunteer positions are available on our website under the “Events” tab (look for “Pioneer Metric Century” in the pulldown menu, and scroll down to “Volunteer at the Event”) or click here: SignUpGenius.  ✎  If positions are filled, you can still show up and offer your help in case there are unexpected vacancies or if we (hopefully) have a flood of same-day registrants. And as a rider, you not only help to support the ride financially, but serve as welcoming ambassadors to cyclists who have not yet joined the PBC.

There is much riding (pun unintended) on this year’s Pioneer. Many of you have been lamenting the earlier demise of the ride. It will take a successful event this year to reestablish it as the club’s signature ride. The metric century and half century offer the most scenic routes of prior Pioneers, and we’re planning to have food at rest stops that will make cyclists want to come back for more. If the ride is as successful as we hope, it will once again offer a full century in 2023.

So ride, volunteer, spread the word…it’s time for the Pioneer to arise from the ashes and resume its position as the flagship ride of the Portland Bicycling Club!

Doug Myers, President