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Club Archives: Help Still Wanted
October 24, 2020

1973 Oregon Journal Article Last month, I put out the plea for scanners for the club archives, dating back to 1971 when the club was formed. I had a great response, four people came forward: Barry Emmerling, Dave McQuery, Pat McManus and Deb Boulton. You may have noticed… Read More

Club Archives: Help Wanted
September 30, 2020

Last fall, I was contacted by Patty Mooney (through the mail, of course). Her name may sound familiar to most of you, as she has been a longtime club member and wife of Jim Mooney, for which our Jim Mooney Member of the Year Award is named. Her rider number… Read More

Member Appreciation
September 30, 2020

Times are tough, but you are tougher! We cyclists loved to stay active on our bicycles with other likeminded individuals on a regular basis. We miss our routine of stopping for coffee and food. For some of us cyclists who are not yet retired, the ‘weekend warrior’ ritual is often… Read More

Reach the Beach 2020 Finale
September 30, 2020

From October 3 to October 10 The last week of Reach the Beach training will be October 3-10, and the final days for MY RIDE will be October 10-11. Training Ride Option: Over the Hills to North Plains. Saturday, October 3, leaving at 9:00 AM, Ann Morrow will facilitate a training… Read More

Your Club at Work:
August 31, 2020

Reach the Beach Training Rides Still a Go! Reach the Beach Training Ride, Washington County Wanderings, August 22. Ann Morrow, Dick Weber, Barbara Brady. This is where Dick and Barbara went right, and the others went left for a shorter ride! (Photo by Kathleen Hellem) You may have… Read More

PBC Membership Benefits
August 31, 2020

People have asked why be paid-in-full members during a pandemic?    Let me help you count the ways: 1. Feeling alone and want to connect with someone in the club? Although the club is not sponsoring or advocating group rides, people are gathering and posting pics of their rides… Read More

Join the Strava Community!
July 29, 2020

What does Strava stand for? Strava is Swedish for “strive” (verb). And it is a free app for athletes. One great free way to track your cycling efforts is by downloading the free app called Strava. I have been a member of… Read More

Your Club at Work: RTB
July 29, 2020

Pandemic, or no pandemic, lung disease and having clean air remain concerns. For years, the American Lung Association of Oregon has enticed us out in mid-May for their fundraising bicycling event called Reach the Beach. The 2020 event was rescheduled for Sunday, October 11. I think we have… Read More