New Bike Rack Sponsored by PBC -Portland Bicycling Club

New Bike Rack Sponsored by PBC

Although the executive board’s discussion regarding donations to nonprofits is typically done at the December board meeting, we were recently alerted to a need for sponsorship of a new bike rack at North Plains Veterans Memorial Park. There was some urgency regarding the board’s decision as the dedication of the new park is scheduled for Veterans Day. The board voted to approve $500 for the bike rack, with sponsorship attributed to the Portland Bicycling Club. As a show of support, it would be great if some of our westside club members could attend the dedication ceremony. The grand opening ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, November 11, at 11:00 AM. The park is located at the corner of Highland Court and 313th Avenue (behind the McDonald’s™). The new park is also going to have a bike repair station. For more information, check out

Pat McManus, President