Newsletter Articles

Last Hurrah for STP Volunteers
July 2, 2019

Last call for volunteers for our sole signature fundraiser held over the July 13-14 weekend: setting up, running, and taking down the finish line at Holladay Park in Portland. Volunteers for STP will receive a colorful T-shirt to identify them as a volunteer and a food voucher to redeem at… Read More

Safety Tips
July 2, 2019

Avoid Port of Vancouver   For those of you who ride towards Vancouver Lake via the I-5 bridge, you may want to avoid using Port Way, the industrial section that begins near the Amtrak station and terminates near the water treatment plant. A few riders on a Thursday Triple Challenge… Read More

Photos on Social Media
July 2, 2019

Find more by clicking on these links: Facebook June Photo Album, Kathleen Hellem, Club Member Photos on Instagram, Ashley Reynolds, Vice President June Club Rides on Flickr, Brian Hammer, Club Member… Read More

Board Position Announcements
July 2, 2019

As we enter into the second half of the year, we have some changes to the club’s executive board: Joan Cullen, after many years on the board, has decided to retire from her position as recording secretary. She has devoted many hours to our club and has been the… Read More

Member Memories
July 2, 2019

Note from the editor: If you have a noteworthy experience on a club or event ride, please consider submitting a written account to [email protected] for inclusion in an upcoming edition of the club’s monthly newsletter. (There were no submissions for Member Memories this month.)   Lynn Thompson, Quick Releases… Read More

The View from Here: Portland Bicycling Club
July 2, 2019

Our club is transitioning to its new moniker. It’s a little challenging, isn’t it? But it’s coming along, and I’ve heard that non-members are embracing our change and at least saying they will now join us. New public relations display items are being implemented, such as a new logo (which… Read More

Sunday Parkways
July 2, 2019

June 30 marked our first official Sunday Parkways event at Kenton Park, giving exposure to our club’s new name: Portland Bicycling Club. This event is important as it gives our new club name exposure to the general public. The public has repeatedly raised concerns about our historic club name, Portland… Read More

Non-Club Event Rides
July 1, 2019

It’s officially summer and Portland Bicycling Club members are venturing out beyond the close environs of winter riding and stretching out into nearby counties or even states to explore. Portland Bicycling Club, then known as Portland Wheelmen Touring Club, long ago saw the need to encourage members to connect… Read More