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Coffee Stop Spotlight: Tany’s Café con Pan

For months we’ve been riding west on Halsey just past Edgefield and noticed a sign that advertised a bakery was coming soon. Anxiously we waited. Bud had plans to go there on one of his rides, but the wind wouldn’t cooperate. For the last two months Tany’s CAFÉ CON PAN (Coffee with Bread) has finally been open. The owners have planned this opening for almost two years. They started their “panadería” in 2002 in the garage of their home. Their first retail brick-and-mortar location was on Halsey at SE 227th. A modest beginning for this bright, shiny, new coffee and pastry stop.

Immediately upon entering the shop, you can see the massive interior with plenty of seating and lots of display cases filled with authentic pastries typically found in Mexico. Serving platters and tongs are located at the end of the cases inviting you to grab one and get started piling your platter with yummy pastries. More display cases are opposite another chilled case filled with cakes, macaroons, flan, and one of my favorites: tres leches cake. Behind the counter is a full coffee bar offering coffee, traditional lattes, and Latin-inspired specialty coffee drinks. Wait, there’s more!    The menu on the wall highlights breakfast burritos, salads, and lunch sandwiches. In the back corner is a demonstration area that might be used for the Family Fun Cookie Decorating Party. The seating area is a combination of tables, chairs, and a wraparound counter with chairs. The north end of the shop is lined with big windows that look toward the Columbia River and Washington. In the foreground, you’ll see Troutdale Sand & Gravel. If you enjoy seeing how things work, the view of gravel production and sorting is entertaining.

The moveable sign outside, Tany’s “Coffee with Bread,” illustrates a cup of coffee, beans, and pastries with the words “El Par Perfecto” below the images. It translates to “the perfect pair.” They have a regular following of customers who stop in to collect a box of pastries to share with friends. PBC may become one of those regulars. There is a single bike rack adjacent to the front door so you could park and lock a couple bikes. Larger groups wanting to visually monitor their parked bikes will have to be creative. Potential, visible bike parking, and kind of close to the entry is a handrail and sidewalk shared by the lone accessible parking spot. Please go to Tany’s Coffee with Bread, the perfect pair – it’s worth the wait.

Richard Higgins, Vice President

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