PBC Membership Benefits -Portland Bicycling Club

PBC Membership Benefits

People have asked why be paid-in-full members during a pandemic?    Let me help you count the ways:

1. Feeling alone and want to connect with someone in the club?

Although the club is not sponsoring or advocating group rides, people are gathering and posting pics of their rides on Facebook. Postings within the Facebook PBC Group page are public and provide an opportunity to connect with other members. Facebook can help you find these connections.  ✎  Request to be a Facebook Friend with someone who has posted, or you can message them from their personal page even if you’re not officially Friends. Many of the members who are posting rides would welcome contact with others to set up some “socially distant” rides and can probably work with your schedule or let you know when their next ride is. As a member…you also have access to the member directory with emails and phone numbers; you can search for someone by their first or last name.

2. Looking for some easy flat or long hilly rides in and around Portland or anything in between?

As a member…you have access to our map library, which is searchable by name, terrain, and miles.












3. Want to use Ride with GPS for yourself or find the ridewithgps maps created by our ride leaders?

As a member…you have free access to the club’s Ride with GPS account. Log in to access the member pulldown menu, select the “Ride Leader Info” page, and then scroll down to the bottom for the heading “Map Making Tools.” Here you will find instructions on using ridewithgps.
















4. Do you need more bike stuff?

As a member…show your membership card (printable from your account page) and get discounts on parts and accessories at local bike shops. Check out this link for the list: https://portlandbicyclingclub.com/home/discounts/

Pat McManus, President