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Your Club at Work: PBC Merch

As a longtime member, I have a lot of Portland Wheelmen Touring Club gear. We have been Portland Bicycling Club since 2019. Rebranding takes time, but I don’t want PWTC stuff anymore! I want PBC. We have a couple of jerseys and our new club T-shirt. We are re-establishing our online “store” so members can purchase merchandise.

President Mark Barnes recommended stickers, and those are now going to a second printing. Of course, taking them to Sunday Parkways in September was a great use of the stickers to advertise our club.

I proposed to the board that we get another order of license plates, and the board agreed. Financially, license plates are just a “pass through” as Treasurer Corey Eng says. You order and pay for your own license plate, and the club is not out any money. I will reach out to the vendor, see how much these will cost, and set up an order next month. Like most things, if we can put together a minimum order, the cost to each of us should be lower. We’ll see. 

Additionally, I proposed the possibility of purchasing water bottles and socks. Both would include our logo and be club colors (blue, red, white). We’ll see about the expense, but I’m thinking some could be GIVEN to ride leaders, and they would say “Ride Leader” on them; some would be for purchase by members (they would not say Ride Leader on them).

Yours truly will research obtaining these items that will promote our club as we are out riding our bikes. Details to be worked out, assuming this is even doable. I’ll let you know, but if you have thoughts or ideas, please share, 360-608-3173 or [email protected].

Ann Morrow, Vice President

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