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Coffee Stop Spotlight: Legacy Coffee

Long-standing traditions can be broken – even by PBC (in fact, even the Club’s OGs approved of the change). Our Monday Morning Meander was previously described as leaving the Gateway Transit Center and going to Gresham. The route description referenced the fact that there are many ways to Gresham, and you never know which one the route leader will take. The traditional coffee stop destination changed too! Our new traditional destination is Legacy Coffee at 75 NW 1st Street. Legacy Coffee wants to “be where life happens.” Their focus is on making everyone comfortable with stuffed chairs in casual configurations, traditional chairs around small tables and community tables. They even have outside seating and picnic benches. Our riders do feel comfortable and welcomed by the smiling staff. 

Legacy Coffee has endeared themselves to PBC with quality coffee and teas, fast service, comfy seating, a tasty variety of quality pastries from Hope’s Bake Shop, and breakfast sandwiches. Riders can choose between rotating varieties of self-serve drip coffee in a ceramic mug, or have the barista whip a special espresso drink. During the rainy season, the fogged-up windows and home-like furnishings are a welcome resting spot for a bunch of wet and cold cyclists. The traditionally larger groups that ride during great weather have plenty of seating outside right next to their fancy bicycles.

On Sunday, November 5, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Legacy will be celebrating their second anniversary of the shop being open. Their Facebook page notes that any customer who purchases something from them on that day will get a free donut. We’ve been told that other specials may be offered, so check them out on their anniversary; or any Monday morning with PBC.

Richard Higgins, Member at Large

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