Monster Cookie Ride -Portland Bicycling Club

Monster Cookie Ride

Cookies! Riding! The two go together for a perfect day. Salem Bicycle Club starts us out into our 2023 cycling season with their premier event ride on Sunday, May 7. MONSTER COOKIE.

The ride starts at Keizer Rapids Park and takes us over rural roads (bucolic and hoppy) to Champoeg State Park. The return trip is slightly different, so it’s not a true out and back. The route is mostly flat, although there are a few rollers, especially out by Champoeg as you ride to get onto the path that will take you into the park. 

There is also the option of riding to the first rest stop and back for 31 miles if that’s more comfortable after the wet spring we’ve had and limited saddle time. Additionally, there will be a Mini-Cookie Ride for 6.2 miles – perfect for families with young children!

If you have Reach the Beach or Pioneer on your ride schedule, I recommend you come out for Monster Cookie as a shakedown ride to check your fitness, hone your skills riding in large groups, and doublecheck your ride gear and machine to make sure it will all work for you.

Salem does a wonderful job with their event, and you will find the usual rest stop fare along with the cookies. It is well supported with support-and-gear (SAG) vehicles, and the volunteers are friendly and helpful. I do suggest that as you sign up you spend a little extra and buy lunch, which will then be waiting for you at Champoeg Park. The park will also have rest stop snacks if you choose not to purchase the lunch. Many of us take a real break at the park before heading back out to the road. Online registration is open until May 2, so hurry. Of course, you can sign up the day of the ride but, as with most rides, it’s going to cost you an extra $10 for that privilege.

Portland Bicycling Club will allow you to claim this ride for club miles. This is our attempt to embolden you to venture out and away from our own club rides and try something new. It provides a fun outing as we support a nearby bicycle club. We do ask that you behave yourself and wear club colors.

Ann Morrow, PBC Ride Leader