Midyear Elections -Portland Bicycling Club

Midyear Elections

Elections? What, now? Didn’t we just do that in December? I know some of you have board anxiety, but it is unfounded! Please give thought to serving on your bike club’s board.

Yes, we also have midyear elections. One road-captain and two member-at-large positions will need to be filled in June. Rob Schroeder is the road captain whose “year” began July 2022 and ends June 2023. The members at large who leave openings are Doug Myers and Alan Mevis. I hope you are following along here. 

Rob would like to run for the position again. Doug and Alan both state that they have been on the board for three years and think it is time for new people to fill those roles.

This is a democratic club, and so, even if Rob runs again as incumbent, his position can be challenged. The member-at-large positions will be vacant if no one steps up to help.

The road captain is responsible for helping to fill our ride calendar. Ride leaders submit their rides, and road captains verify details and approve rides, or gather additional information. Computer skills and access to a computer with internet connectivity will be needed. (Todd McCullum is the other road captain whose term runs January through December.)

Members at large are the eyes and ears of the club. They serve as conduits between club members and the board. Members can pass concerns and ideas on to the members at large, who convey that information to their fellow board members for discussion. Additionally, our members at large comprise the safety committee and help share safety suggestions by contributing articles to the Quick Releases. They may also serve on the Pioneer committee and help the committee chair with responsibilities and tasks to get that event running smoothly.

Board officers should be able to attend most member meetings and board meetings. The board meetings are the third Wednesday of each month and done by Zoom, so they can be attended virtually!

Step up and make a difference in the club. New energy and ideas would be most welcome. Any club member can run for any office. Let a board member know of your interest. Please provide a quick biography for the QR as well, so we’ll know who you are and why you are the best candidate.

Ann Morrow, Vice President