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PBOT Follow-Up

The asphalt ramp on 102nd at the Banfield overcrossing is difficult to see. February’s guest speaker Roger Geller, Bicycle Coordinator, reports that the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has had a lot of challenges with that ramp, including visibility. They intend to address marking the ramp and putting some bicycle markings on the sidewalk (as wayfinding) as soon as possible. They need a short stretch of good weather in order to complete that project.

The left-turn treatment at some intersections is difficult to see (e.g., SE 52nd Avenue and SE Flavel Street). This type of left-turn (and right-turn) treatment, “turn calming,” is a pilot project for PBOT. Click here for an illustration. They are collecting information about how the treatments are working, so your input is valuable to them. Contact Matt Kelly, 503-823-5831. They hope to have a summary report available this spring and will then discuss refinements to the program and whether it should continue. Our club is not the first group to raise concerns about their visibility, so that’s something they’ll closely consider.

PBOT is still pursuing the issue of biobags, placed for construction near inlets, that can be difficult to see.

Marine Drive Safety Plan:

Also, one other issue that’s arising is the installation of rumble strips on Marine Drive just outside the shoulder stripe. Segments of rumble strips will be installed with ample space between them to allow a cyclist to veer out into the travel lane to avoid road hazards. One question PBOT has is whether to install rumble strips where the shoulder width is less than five feet. The strips are placed right on the stripe, so unless a cyclist is riding on the stripe, the strips shouldn’t be an issue. It’d be great if our club could give PBOT feedback about the rumble strips on Marine Drive. Contact Geren Shankar, 503-823-4793.

Kurt Lootens, Meeting Program Coordinator