Member Mirror: PBC Team 2020 To Date -Portland Bicycling Club

Member Mirror: PBC Team 2020 To Date

Reach the Beach!

Dick Weber, Training Series Ride Leader: I am joining thousands of other cyclists and the American Lung Association to raise money to fight lung disease and increase awareness about the importance of air quality. Whether you’re experienced in riding long distances or not, I invite you to ride with us each week as we prepare for this exciting event! You’re welcome to participate even if you’re not a club member. The next training ride is Saturday, March 7, 9:00 AM, Washington County Wanderings. Meet behind the senior center at Shute Park (750 SE 8th Avenue, Hillsboro). Read more about Dick

Corey Eng, Training Series Ride Leader: Please join me in my efforts to make a difference by making a personal or corporate tax-deductible donation. Thank you in advance for your support!



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Ann Morrow, Training Series Ride Co-Leader:

As a cyclist I take clean air for granted. As I ride and take in breaths of air, I expect it to be pure and healthy. We humans need clean air to sustain life. American Lung Association fights for fresh air.

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Kathleen Hellem, Training Series Ride Co-Leader: Hi, thank you for visiting my personal page! As a cyclist, I tend to prefer clean air. Don’t you? Lung disease can take someone’s breath away, leaving them unable to work, exercise or play. I am joining the Portland Bicycling Club team, along with thousands of other cyclists, and the American Lung Association to raise money to fight lung disease and increase awareness about the importance of lung health. Read more about Kathleen

Ashley Reynolds: Let’s make sure everyone can benefit from healthy air and lungs. Lung disease is something I have been personally affected by since I was diagnosed with asthma at eight years old, and asthma runs in my family. My grandmother passed away from an asthma attack at 49 years of age, so being diligent about treating my asthma is something I have always been mindful of. I am riding this ride in honor of her and my family. With advanced medicine, let’s make moderate to severe asthma a thing of the past. Read more about Ashley

Michael Paric: Did you breathe today? It’s easier for some than others, but the American Lung Association has been fighting lung disease through education, community service, advocacy, and research since 1904. They are working to help those who suffer from lung disease today, and to stop the spread of lung disease tomorrow. Read more about Michael


Kerstin Maroney: This year I am riding with the Portland Bicycling Club and thousands of other cyclists to promote awareness of lung disease and lung health. Growing faster than almost any other major illness, lung disease – including lung cancer, asthma and emphysema – is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Lung disease severely impacts a person’s quality of life, leaving its victims unable to work, exercise and even breathe! Read more about Kerstin


Ted Magnuson: I am joining the Portland Bicycling Club team as a new member of the club to ride along with many other cyclists and to help the American Lung Association raise money to fight lung disease and increase awareness about the importance of breathing. Read more about Ted


Kurt Lootens: Please join me in my mission to make a difference for everyone who breathes, by donating to my fundraising efforts. It’s a cherished thing we do, breathing. Not that we think about it much, until we can’t. Unfortunately, the numbers who are constantly reminded that deep breaths of fresh air are not to be taken for granted are many. However, it’s not a losing battle, thanks to the hard work of the American Lung Association and us. We need your help today to ensure there is a future free of lung disease! Thank you in advance for your support. Cycle for Air! Read more about Kurt



Lynn Thompson Blanchard: That’s me in the photo, from 2018. I’m looking forward to crossing the finish line again! For that matter, looking forward to getting back on the bike again after total hip replacement surgery in October. On behalf of the American Lung Association, in support of those who struggle to breathe every day, I’m asking for your support – not for myself, but for ALA’s education and advocacy efforts. Will you pledge 10¢ per mile? I’m planning to ride from Amity to Pacific City; that’s 56 miles. If I’m successful and manage to reach the beach, your contribution would be $5.60. Read more about Lynn


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Portland Bicycling Club’s Reach the Beach Team